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Kenneth Autrey


~~Trust Deed investing offers an outstanding return on your invested funds. Investors, who are looking for a
steady and reliable return on their money or investment, will find trust deed investing very enticing and secure.

Benefits of Trust Deed Investing:

•Secured by California real estate •No fees •Investors receive monthly interest payments •Qualifies for retirement plans Single Notes Investors can purchase single whole notes secured by real property. The investor owns the entire note and the borrower pays the investor monthly mortgage payments which are collected by a servicing agent and distributed to the investor every month. 

Fractionalized Notes

Fractional notes are single whole notes secured by real property that are owned by 2 to 5 investors. Each investor owns an undivided interest in the note and receives a pro rate share of the monthly mortgage interest that is collected by a servicing agent and distributed to the investors every month.

Mortgage Pool

A California Mortgage Pool is a real estate partnership that offers investors participation as a limited partner, in a pool of trust deeds. Partners receive income generated from mortgage interest which is typically distributed monthly or quarterly. Mortgage pools allow investors greater diversification through the ability to participate in a larger number of trust deeds rather than a select few as in single or fractionalized notes. The mortgage pool is managed by KEADA Capital.

Please contact Investor Relations if you have any questions regarding subscriptions, dividends, withdrawals or deposits info the Mortgage Pool.


KEADA Capital offers the experience you'll need to gain your confidence in Trust Deed Investments. The trust deed is an investment and the value of a deed of trust is fixed and is always stable. You can achieve attractive returns without adding unreasonable risk. Real estate and mortgage-backed investments help balance out any growth-oriented or conservative portfolio while creating above average risk-adjusted returns. Investors often are looking for opportunities to maintain a diversified and secure portfolio while earning more monthly income. ~~Investing in trust deeds can produce high yields with low risk. All Trust Deed Investments are secured by real estate. You can use your current IRA, Rollover IRA, 401K, Pension Plan, or Keogh funds to invest into a trust deed investment. Please contact us for more information 


This investment is appropriate for Investors who have no need for immediate liquidity in their investments and who have adequate means of providing for their current financial needs, obligations, and contingencies, even if such investment results in a total loss. The investment involves a high degree of risk and is suitable only for an Investor whose business and investment experience, either alone or together with an another investor exceeds

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